CRM Efficiency in Asset Management

CRM efficiency


CRM efficiency should be one of, if not the most, important feature to examine when deciding on a software. After all, you are in the process of selecting, or have already selected, a client relationship management tool, that in theory, streamlines your operational processes. Once implemented, your CRM should not frustrate you with too many clicks. It should not be a challenge to complete simple tasks such as making a call, sending an email or adding a follow-up reminder.


Features to Look for When Searching for CRM Efficiency

While CRM needs can vary based on an individual firm’s specifications, there are certain general features that an asset management CRM should have for maximum efficiency. 

Reduce Clicks

Operating your CRM should not be time consuming. You want to select a software that streamlines client relationship management with an interface and features that are easy to use:

Click to View

A click to view feature allows you to roll up Opportunities, Activities, Documents and Accounts by contact, entity or group with one click, giving you an efficient way to organize important account data. 

Click to Dial

A click to dial feature can help streamline your sales’ process. It allows you to automate outbound calling for sales and investor relations teams and opens an existing associated activity with that account, or allows you to create a new task.  

Click to Archive 

Contacts in your CRM are constantly changing. Archiving contacts should not be a complicated step. Click to archive allows you to accomplish this with one click so you can easily add or remove contacts from specific mailing lists. 

Click to Mail

A large part of managing client relationships involves email communication. Being able to send emails directly in your CRM, where your client data exists is an essential part of CRM efficiency for asset management professionals. 


Operational Efficiency

Eliminating unnecessary clicks in your CRM will improve efficiency for your organization, allowing you to allocate time to where it’s more better needed. While this is great, there are a lot more gains to be realized, especially when selecting an industry specific CRM. Implementing a software built specifically for the asset management industry will provide you with features that generic CRMs are unable to offer: 


Simple Management Reporting

As asset management professionals know, reports are a vital aspect of the business. Being able to create templated reports for management right in your CRM software will save you time and effort that could be better used elsewhere. Using a purpose built CRM with this feature, paired with a client report automation tool, will reduce the tedious manual labor involved with creating reports for management and clients. 

Outlook Integration

CRM Outlook integration is becoming less of an additional feature, and more a requirement. While a ‘click to mail’ feature, mentioned above, is useful, having a CRM that integrates fully with your business email allows you to easily transfer your Outlook contacts, CC’s, attachments  and business links to your CRM where they can be sorted. 


An Asset Management CRM For Maximum Efficiency

As CRM’s become more ubiquitous in nearly every sector of business it no longer makes sense to purchase a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. Specialized software offers features designed specifically for your business. 

At Satuit Technologies we have created software products that are built by asset management professionals, for asset management professionals. Our SatuitCRM, addresses pain points specific to the industry, offering simple management reporting, Outlook integration, click-saving features and more. Satuit Technologies additionally offers client report automation tools, a secure investor portal and secure data exchange platform for asset management professionals. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our suite of products can provide you with optimal CRM efficiency to streamline your business.