Driving Investor Engagement

employee working on investor engagement campaign

The importance of investor engagement for asset management and buy side firms cannot be understated. An engaged investor who actively utilizes your investor portal will be aware of important updates for your firm such as new product launches and changes within your organization. 


The Benefits of Investor Engagement

An effective investor engagement strategy will increase the use of your investor portal, supplying you with a direct channel to your investors that allows you to market new products and changes in your organization. A portal with high engagement, providing it has proper tracking capabilities, will also provide you with useful data about your investors. This includes being able to monitor the URLs investors visit, what they choose to download and more. 

To learn more about the importance of engagement, view our post on the importance of an investor relations software


Implementing an Outreach Strategy

Like all processes at your firm, the only way to implement a new campaign and track its success is to ensure that you have a way of measuring the activity, or lack thereof, of investors in your portal. You can’t address an issue without knowing the extent of it. 


Strategies for Increasing Engagement

Once you have an accurate reading of user engagement you can begin optimizing certain areas to increase use. To accomplish this, your investor outreach strategy should be focused on four areas:

  • Creating a Portal Success Team
  • Lowering Barriers to Entry
  • Educating Investors
  • Improving User Experience


Addressing these areas will ensure an increase in investor engagement for your portal. For an in-depth breakdown of each of these elements, view our whitepaper on increasing portal adoption


Choosing the Right Portal

Ensuring that the elements listed above are properly implemented and optimized for your firm are vital for increasing investor engagement, but they do not take into account one vital component of high engagement. Even if you fully optimize your outreach strategy, gains will only be realized if you pair it with an effective portal. Generally speaking, selecting an industry-specific software will provide you with important capabilities and features that benefit your firm. 

This is especially important for asset management and buy side firms who have specific needs but also must ensure security and meet compliance standards of the industry. 


SatuitSIP: A Secure Investor Portal for Maximum Investor Engagement

Satuit Technologies’ experience as a leading CRM solution for asset management professionals makes us keenly aware of the user experience. Our best-of-breed portal (SatuitSIP) integrates with any data or document source. 

Our Portal Score tracks investor engagement (similar to the tracking you will find in marketing automation tools). Integrated email templates make it easy to reach out to investors with custom messages, and the portal design toolkit allows you to create custom portal versions for different types of investors.

Contact us today to learn more about how our suite of asset management and buy side software products can drive investor engagement and streamline your firm’s operations.