Software Solutions for Asset Managers​​

Satuit Technologies has a suite of software products for Client Relationship Management, Client Reporting, and an Investor Portal for either cloud-based or on-premise use that support client acquisition, relationship management, compliance, and reporting needs. Each is tailored to a specific sector of the institutional asset management market.

Satuit Technologies offers a complete CRM solution for Institutional Asset Managers. We know that finding new clients is labor-intensive and keeping clients means meeting stringent compliance and reporting requirements. Success requires that you build a strong team of professionals and give them the tools to do their jobs. SatuitCRM® software delivers an award-winning Relationship Management Solution that will give you the edge needed to both keep your existing clients and find new ones.

Institutional Asset Management​

Private Equity

SatuitCRM® software for Private Equity is an award-winning cloud-based and mobile CRM application. SatuitCRM provides your team a full suite of easy-to-use tools for managing fundraising, investor relations, deal flow, and portfolio management. SatuitCRM is easily deployed on desktops and mobile devices for users in the main office, in the field, at home, in a hotel, or from any branch office. With SatuitCRM, your deal details and investor contacts are always just a click away.

SatuitCRM® software for Hedge Funds is the leading CRM application designed specifically for hedge funds and institutional investment professionals. Our SatuitCRM hedge fund software will help your fund managers execute fundraising and client on-boarding, as well as streamlining compliance and regulatory reporting to your clients. With SatuitCRM, your team will have more time to grow and manage assets.

Hedge Fund​

Funds Distribution

Satuit recognizes the special needs of Funds Distribution teams and offers the leading CRM application for them. Satuit solutions can give your people the ability to easily plan and execute product road shows, manage mail campaigns, provide information to 3rd party distributors via an integrated secure investor portal, and track fund flows from your transfer agents.

SatuitCRM® was built to manage the complex relationships that are typical of a family office. Our award-winning software will help your team reduce the costs of providing top-flight services to the families who depend on you for managing many different aspects of their wealth. We provide modules that will drive operational efficiency whether you are tracking the selection and monitoring of managers, tracking investments, reporting to your investors, recording meetings and emails, or managing other communications.

Family Offices

Wealth Management

SatuitCRM® will help your team reduce the costs of winning new clients and retaining existing accounts. Our software helps you manage every aspect of your front and middle office, including traditional customer relationship management, opportunity tracking, marketing, mass mailing, document, and expense management (tied to contacts), as well as monthly/quarterly statement generation. SatuitCRA™, our fully integrated statement and report generation tool, streamlines the process of statement generation and includes a client portal that can be easily managed within SatuitCRM.

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Focused exclusively on the Investment and Asset Management industry, Satuit’s CRM, portal, and reporting software offer a complete front-office solution delivered at a fixed price to drive improved efficiency, compliance, and results of the sales, client service, and client reporting teams. Our implementation includes software, support, configuration services, and training that can typically be completed in less than half the time of other vendors, allowing an immediate return on your investment.

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