Investor Relations Software: All You Need to Know

investor relations software in use

With the speed at which new business tools develop, you may be asking yourself whether an investor relations software is right for your firm. 

An investor relations department is a major component for buy side firms. Ensuring your investors are informed of new products and changes in your organization is key. Effective and timely investor communications fosters trust and provides marketing opportunities for your brand. Like all departments in your firm, supplying your investor relations department with the right tools is vital. 


What Does an Investor Relations Software Do?

Investor relations management software does what the name suggests. It provides a program to manage investor documents and communications. More traditional routes of document management and communications, such as email, are becoming obsolete. 

Why Not Use Email?

281.1 billion emails are sent every day. That is nearly 38 emails for every person on the planet. More than half of them are spam and some contain malware.

Email is the least efficient way to inform investors about new products or about changes at your firm – 80% or more of email marketing ends up in junk mail and is never seen by your investors. 

Email should not be considered an appropriate tool for sending client statements or personally identifiable information. It provides the opportunity for mistakes, with the possibility of sending emails with attachments and sensitive data to the wrong recipient.

What a Specialized Software Gives You

Having an industry-specific program, built for investor relations, streamlines daily operations for your firm.

Document Management

When you deliver presentations, reports, invoices, and key communications via an investor relations software, you provide your investors with a secure location that they can access when they want. With a specialized software comes added security that is unavailable with traditional email. It offers built in compliance assurance and built in integration tools and APIs that provides investors with daily updates. 

Streamlined Communications

An investor relations software provides effective communication features for both your organization and your investors. 

Benefits to Your Firm

Your firm will be able to quantify and visualize investor engagement, monitoring number of logins, downloads and specific URLs clicked. 

Benefits to Investors

Improve investor satisfaction with the ability to customize specific landing pages. The implementation of these pages will provide your investors with useful data, while also supplying your firm with a medium to display corporate messages through data feeds, videos and other web content directly. 


SatuitSIP: An Investor Relations Software for Buy Side Professionals

At Satuit Technologies we provide a cloud-based and on-premise client relationship management and reporting software for buy side professionals. 

Our suite of products includes our secure investor portal (SatuitSIP), asset management CRM (SatuitCRM), client report automation (SatuitCRA) and secure data exchange platform (SatuitSDX). 

Contact us today to learn more about how our investor relations software and other asset management products can benefit your business.