Family Office Software Solutions

Cloud-based family office software solutions built to manage the types of complex relationships typical of single-family and multi-family offices. Provide top-flight services to the families who depend on you for managing different aspects of family wealth such as helping family members choose a real estate investment or manage the complex ownership structures in a trust. 

A family office CRM that support your team with easy access to all touchpoints and data.

Next Level Security for Sensitive Data

Whether you are tracking contact info, banking and sensitive data, or portfolio results, our family office solutions provide the level of security needed with the flexibility to set rules for every member of your team. User permissions give complete control over user rights including defining who can access or edit specific data, right down to field level data.

Enhance Relationship Management

Further streamline your end-to-end reporting process and provide family members 24x7 access to documents with SatuitSIP Secure Investor Portal to easily provide highly customized report packages to your investors.

Fully Integrated Document Repository

Centralize all files through an integrated document repository for tracking every document; including legal contracts, presentations, letters, financials, and manager due diligence documents, no matter the file type. Any document stored in the CRM document repository can be easily shared with your investors.

The benefits of a family office management software

Customizable Modules

We provide modules that drive operational efficiency for tracking the selection and monitoring of managers, tracking investments, reporting to your investors, recording meetings and emails, or managing other communications.

Premium Service

Our US and UK-based client success team have an average tenure of 8 years and the management team comes from a background in asset management. Our service includes family office software, licensing support, configuration, and training as well as integration with other key industry software.

Robust 3rd Party Integrations

Easily keep track of activities and documents using Outlook and Google Mail integration. Import 3rd party and portfolio accounting data from industry-leading portfolio accounting software and 3rd party data sources, such as S&P Money Market Directory, FinSearches, or Pitchbook.

Financial institutions require a variety of client management solutions to streamline operations. The Satuit platform offers such software solutions as our industry-leading CRM, secure investment portal (SatuitSIP), client report automation (SatuitCRA) and a mobile CRM app (Satuit2Go). Easily integrate our platform with existing systems using SatuitSDX, our secure data exchange service.

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Introducing the Satuit Platform. Family Office CRM and Investor Portal Solutions Custom Built for You.

asset management CRM contact detail view on desktop and secure investor portal mobile view
Support your team with easy access to all family touch points and data
Enhance Relationship Management
Centralize all files through an integrated Document Repository
Support Manager Due Diligence​
Manage Deal Flow​
Provide family members 24x7 access with our integrated Secure Investor Portal​
Outlook and Google Mail integration
Desktop and mobile solutions

Integration Partners

We are proud to work with innovative organizations and institutions from financial services to academia and beyond.


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Focused exclusively on the Investment and Asset Management industry, Satuit’s CRM, portal, and reporting software offer a complete front-office solution delivered at a fixed price to drive improved efficiency, compliance, and results of the sales, client service, and client reporting teams. Our implementation includes software, support, configuration services, and training that can typically be completed in less than half the time of other vendors, allowing an immediate return on your investment.

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