Wealth Management Software Solutions

SatuitCRM® for financial advisors and wealth managers is a cloud application designed by investment professionals specifically for managing investment sales and investor relations. Whether you are working with an individual, a family, a household, or a trust, our wealth management software will make it easier to service existing relationships and win new clients. 

Take your firm to new levels of client service, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Entity-Based CRM & Investor Portal Software

Easily manage complex investor relations including advisors and 3rd parties by rolling up all related parties into a single entity. You no longer have to be frustrated with data silos that hide key connections and key influencers among contacts.

Reduce Time and Cost of Delivering Reports

Manage client onboarding, forms, monthly/quarterly statement distribution, and automated updates to your investors' portfolio valuation with our client self-service portal. You can quickly reduce overhead and focus on creating and strengthening client relationships.

Manage Reporting Requirements

A wealth management software that streamlines the onboarding of new clients and the wooing of prospects to your investors and interested parties. Using dashboards, workflows, and management tools will help you reduce overhead and focus on creating and strengthening client relationships.

Software built by industry professionals for asset management firms.

Monitor All of
Your Interactions

Keep track of emails, meeting notes, and phone calls by individuals or households, all in the same place. Monitor all interactions with robust contact management, opportunity tracking, e-marketing, event management, document management, and account management tools.

A Wealth Management CRM Made Specifically
for You

Designed by investment professionals specifically for managing investment sales and investor relations. The software was built for you and is supported by an experienced client success team that understands the industry. Service includes software licensing, support, configuration, and training as well as integration with other key industry software.

Track and Manage Email Marketing Campaigns

Import your email marketing campaign data into the wealth management CRM with e-marketing plugins. Integration partners include industry-leading marketing automation and portfolio accounting software. The SatuitCRM platform is also fully integrated with Outlook and Gmail.

Financial institutions require a variety of client management solutions to streamline operations. Our wealth management software platform includes our CRM, a secure investment portal (SatuitSIP), client report automation (SatuitCRA) and a mobile CRM app (Satuit2Go). Easily integrate our platform with existing systems using SatuitSDX, our secure data exchange service.

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Introducing the Satuit Platform. CRM and Investor Portal Solutions Custom Built for You.

asset management CRM desktop view and secure investor portal mobile view
Manage complex investor relations including service providers and interested 3rd parties
Capture email, meeting notes, phone calls by individual and household
Easily track interested parties and influencers
Fully integrated with Outlook and Google Mail
Track and manage email marketing campaigns with our e-mail marketing plug-ins
Manage reporting requirements to your investors and interested parties
Automate client report collation and distribution with our investor portal
Client self-service portal reduces the time and cost of delivering reports

Integration Partners

We are proud to work with innovative organizations and institutions from financial services to academia and beyond.


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Focused exclusively on the Investment and Asset Management industry, Satuit’s CRM, portal, and reporting software offer a complete front-office solution delivered at a fixed price to drive improved efficiency, compliance, and results of the sales, client service, and client reporting teams. Our implementation includes software, support, configuration services, and training that can typically be completed in less than half the time of other vendors, allowing an immediate return on your investment.

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