Investor Reporting Software | Convenience, Simplicity, Easy Access

the benefits of an investor reporting software

Most investors seek a convenience, simplicity, and easy access (CSE) that can be realized through an effective investor reporting software. An effective reporting software can offer your investors a simple to use portal that allows access to pertinent data and information that will keep your investors informed and content, which can lead to higher client satisfaction and retention.


How Does an Investor Reporting Software Improve CSE?

For traditional financial assets, CSE means daily, weekly, or monthly electronic updates on their investment market values, and losses/gains. It means not having to make phone calls to get forms. It means on-demand access to tax forms, K-1s, capital calls, and other useful forms. 

Among the nice to haves for individual investors is access to information on other products or general news about the firm and your people. They may want to be able to submit a request for a withdrawal or a transfer of funds. They like integrated e-signature functionality to streamline paperwork. They want to reach out to their relationship manager directly from the portal. They would like to update their personal information, change an address, or update beneficiaries without having to make a call.

Many investors have become sensitive to the environmental waste of printed material and limit downloads to annual summaries for their accountants. When statements are readily available, individual investors may have less sense of urgency about downloading. When data is easy to view, most busy investors will not download reports unless they are needed for a specific purpose such as tax reporting.

Mobile access is very important for individual investors but not for institutional investors who may resist using personal mobile devices, even for two-factor authentication.


Selecting the Right Software for You and Your Investors

An investor reporting software can help bring these CSE features to your investors if it possesses the correct features and capabilities.

A one-size-fits-all investor portal is not always an ideal solution as asset management firms and their investor needs may vary. Certain software features however will be useful for most asset management firms and may help you decide which software is right for you.

Investor Statement Delivery

An investor reporting software of course needs effective and secure statement delivery capabilities that complies with regulations and compliance standards.

Document Management

The ability to easily distribute forms and content to group of clients or to certain users will keep you clients informed while saving you time and effort. This may include the ability to upload consolidated reports, exchange forms and the ability to add e-signature requests.

Automated Account Data Updates

Take out the manual work from investor reporting with a software that can provide your investors with monthly, weekly or even daily updates, allowing them to check account balances when they want.

Managing Investor Communications

An effective investor reporting software should also simplify investor relations. Useful features include attaining metrics for investor engagement and personalizing investor landing pages to increase portal use and investor satisfaction.


How Satuit Technologies Can Help

Satuit Technologies supplies the asset management and buy side industry with software products that can increase firm efficiency and improve client satisfaction. These solutions include our asset management CRM, client report automation software, secure investor portal and secure data exchange platform.

Our secure investor portal and client report automation software will allow you to simplify your operational duties while satisfying your investors.

Satuit lets you design the investor portal experience based on investor type. Learn more about the benefits of SatuitSIP, the Best of Breed investor portal software with a fully customizable layout by investor type and world-class support. No programming experience is required.

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