Secure Data Exchange Platform: SatuitSDX®

Our Secure Data Exchange platform SatuitSDX extends our native integration with easy-to-implement application integration and extensions to our software solutions. With SatuitSDX, your team can integrate the Satuit Platform with any system including your preferred e-marketing vendors, portfolio accounting, and investor reporting tools.

An instrument to help your firm maximize the value of your investment.

The toolkit includes a mix of end-user, business analyst, and application developer tools, all designed to meet the integration requirements of the asset management community without adding the expense of consultants, implementation partners, and programmers.

Data warehouse, marketing automation, billing, document, and report management integration.

Streamline Processes

Satuit's Secure Data Exchange platform works with hundreds of applications and offers pre-built integrations.

Investor Behavior Insight

Create a 360-degree view of your investors and prospects to support new revenue initiatives, improve investor satisfaction, and reduces the cost of delivering top-notch service.

Schedule Routine Jobs

Uses REST API with data mapping overlay to eliminate duplicate entry and simplify small and bulk data imports jobs.

The Satuit Secure Data Exchange platform provides solutions for the asset management market, allowing for seamless integration of our asset management CRM, Client Report Automation Software, and mobile CRM app with any existing systems currently in operation.

Contact our specialists today to see how SatuitSDX® and the Satuit Platform suite of products can assist your organization.

Pre-built integrations

Microsoft SSIS Logo

Supports Microsoft SSIS

When more complex ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) functionality is required, Satuit can build and manage integrations with Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Information Services). This provides 2-way file exchanges with other data stores, transferring files via SecureFTP sites. Our clients choose this option for data-intensive updates that may require some level of data transformation between the source database and the CRM or Portal.

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Satuit Integrations

SatuitCRM® integration drives transparency and supports seamless communication among internal stakeholders. Using CRM as a central repository of your corporate customer knowledge supports new revenue initiatives, improves investor satisfaction, and reduces the cost of delivering top-notch service. The Satuit Platform – Investor Portal, CRM, and Report Packaging provide native integration with Excel, Outlook, and Gmail as well as plug-ins for many industry-leading e-marketing, data providers, and portfolio accounting applications.

Maximize the value of your CRM and investor portal investment.

asset management CRM contact detail view on desktop and secure investor portal mobile view
Create 360-degree view of your investors and prospects
Gain insight into investor behavior
Eliminate duplicate entry
REST API with data mapping overlay to simplify imports
Does not require programming skills
Supports bulk and small data import jobs
Allows scheduling of routine jobs
Works with hundreds of applications
Pre-built integrations to simplify process

Integration Partners

We are proud to work with innovative organizations and institutions from financial services to academia and beyond.

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Focused exclusively on the Investment and Asset Management industry, Satuit’s CRM, portal, and reporting software offer a complete front-office solution delivered at a fixed price to drive improved efficiency, compliance, and results of the sales, client service, and client reporting teams. Our implementation includes software, support, configuration services, and training that can typically be completed in less than half the time of other vendors, allowing an immediate return on your investment.

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