How to Integrate Investor Portal and Asset Management CRMs: A Case Study on The Corundum Group

The Corundum Group (TCG) operates as a Registered Investment Advisor, responsible for over $1 billion in assets. Originally searching for a secure investor portal, TCG soon realized that as business continued to grow it would also require asset management CRM.  Integrating Investor Portal Solutions with Asset Management CRMs For Your Business Similar to challenges faced […]

Investor Portal Solutions | Increase Adoption and Drive Success

Investor Portal Solutions Investor portal solutions can provide your business with various improvements, such as streamlined communication and increased investor engagement. The key to experiencing these improvements is to ensure portal adoption from your clients. How to Increase Adoption and Drive Success A secure investor portal can only provide your business with solutions if your […]

Investor Relations Software: All You Need to Know

investor relations software in use

281.1 billion emails are sent every day. That is nearly 38 emails for every person on the planet. More than half of them are spam and some contain malware. Email is the least efficient way to inform investors about new products or about changes at your firm.

Driving Investor Engagement

employee working on investor engagement campaign

“Build it, and they will come…” – Bill Durham/Field of Dreams. Has your company implemented an investor portal only to find out that your investors don’t log in? Is a “failure to launch” proof investors are not interested in using a portal?

Streamline Investor Reporting with CRA: Heritage Investors Management

Heritage Investment Streamlines Investor Reporting

Streamlining Investor Reporting with CRA: A Case Study on Heritage Investors Management Corporation  As a wealth management firm, Heritage Investors Management Corporation has been providing professional, personalized investment management to meet individual portfolio objectives. In order to manage the complexity of each client portfolio, they opted to utilize reporting software.  Manage Investor Reporting with Satuit’s […]

Carderock Capital Management and Client Systems Integration

Carderock Migrates and Integrates Client Systems

Client Systems Integration: A Case Study on Carderock Capital Management Carderock Capital Management, a registered investment management firm, recently found the need to move their legacy CRM and report packaging products from separate vendors to a singular integrated approach. This case study delves into an approach to client systems integration. How to Integrate A Legacy […]

The Value an Investor Portal Brings to a Firm and Its Investors

The Value Proposition of an Investor Portal

The Value of an Investor Portal The value of an investor portal can extend well past the common misconception that it is only a tool for streamlining investor report delivery. In reality, proper implementation of an investor portal software can bring a new channel for investor engagement, streamlined operations, and support of marketing efforts. How […]

Secure Data Exchange Service with SatuitSDXⓇ

SatuitSDX: Secure Data Exchange

Secure Data Exchange Services At Satuit we provide a host of application services including a secure investor portal (SatuitSIP), client report automation (SatuitCRA), CRM (SatuitCRM), and mobile CRM app (Satuit2GO). To ensure that these applications collaborate seamlessly, we additionally provide secure data exchange services with SatuitSDX.  Effective Internal Communication Effective internal communication across business platforms […]