What to Look for in Investor Portal Solutions

Person examining their investor portal solutions


Effective investor portal solutions streamline investor data and communication, saving you time, effort and funds. We’ve compiled 5 key areas to consider when selecting a software solution for your firm to ensure you gain maximum benefits.


5 Key Elements of Effective Investor Portal Solutions

While some features of a solution may be dependent on factors such as your firm’s size, generally speaking, effective investor portals will provide the following 5 features:



Given the nature of the asset management industry, investor portal security is paramount. Access to important documents, reports and investor information should be available only to your investors, employees in your organization and any third parties approved by your organization. A data breach of sensitive investor documents and information can be detrimental to both the investor and your organization. 


Ease in Configuration

Investor portal solutions should be intuitive for investors, advisors and 3rd parties, if needed. Creating custom views by investor type or by project type should be simple. An investor portal with a learning curve will limit gains in efficiency that the software aims to provide.


Stand-alone Solution  

An effective investor portal should not require operational assistance after implementation. After all, purchasing investor portal solutions should have an end goal of saving your organization time and money, not requiring you to hire third party consultants too help operate or declutter your portal. 



A quality investor portal should save your organization time and resources. Time consuming operations such as account openings, closings, updates and fund transfers should be simplified. Effective investor portal solutions should also provide a signature management feature for investor documents. 



While some aspects of investor portals can successfully be applied across various organizations, there should be an element of customization available. Not all users of an investor portal have the same needs. The ability to customize what users see when logging into their portal will allow you to make changes based on differences in clients, prospects and internal projects. 


Satuit’s Secure Investor Portal

At Satuit Technologies we pride ourselves in supplying a suite of software products made for buy side professionals. This includes our SatuitCRM, Client Report Automation solution, Secure Data Exchange platform and Secure Investor Portal

We know the pain points of the buy side industry and have created software solutions that address them. Features of our Secure Investor Portal (SatuitSIP) include:

  • Security – Investors can access important documents, reports, and their information anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Ease in Configuration – Create custom Views by Investor Type or by Project. Configure templates for Advisors, Individual Investors, Institutional Investors, and 3rd parties. Create Project pages for Audits and Due Diligence.
  • No Consultants Needed – After a few training sessions with our in-house client success team, picking up the portal is a breeze. Use our import tools to bring in account and performance data.
  • Save Time – Streamline account openings, closings, updates, and fund transfers utilizing and manage signatures with our DocuSign Integration.
  • Portal Customization – Through the use of Landing Pages, you can customize what a person sees when they log in to the portal. This allows you to create multiple landing pages based on specific clients, prospects, or even internal projects.


Contact us today to learn more about how our investor portal solutions can help streamline your business operations.