Satuit Lays Groundwork for Strong Results in 2018

Braintree, MA – January 16, 2018 – As we kick-off 2018, it is worthwhile reflecting on our amazing team’s achievements during 2017.  Our sales team added more new users than any year since 2011, while the Satuit product team delivered on key benchmarks for our technology platform upgrade, setting the stage for some very exciting new features and user engagement.    We also won the “Best Buy-Side CRM” Award from Waters Technology for the second consecutive year.

In 2017, we released 4 software upgrades which included a new SatuitCRM System Administrator toolkit, new data import tools and an overhaul of the underlying technology to remove the last remaining dependencies on Internet Explorer. This has allowed for the sun-setting of all Active X controls and release the System Admin toolkit for other browsers, including Chrome and Safari.   We have also released an Outlook add-in for Macintosh users and Office 365.

We added many new features to our SatuitCRA Investor Portal and we expanded the back-end database to allow for more integration with portfolio management systems. Our SatuitCRA Packaging and Investor Portal products saw tremendous growth in 2017, including the migration of many clients from legacy systems to our new cloud platform.

“2017 was a year of significant technology platform upgrades and enhancements for all Satuit products.  This now sets the foundation for our new user interface and new mobile product releases in 2018.   We look forward to an exciting year ahead,” said Karen Maguire, CEO of Satuit Technologies.