Our Buy-Side Product Suite

Product Suite Satuit Technologies is a industry-leading provider of buy-side software products designed for the asset management industry. Our software provides integral client acquisition, relationship management, compliance and reporting for complete front office and middle office solutions. Our products are built for asset management, institutional, wealth management, fund distribution, hedge fund, private equity, and real estate […]

How to Integrate Investor Portal and Asset Management CRMs: A Case Study on The Corundum Group

The Corundum Group (TCG) operates as a Registered Investment Advisor, responsible for over $1 billion in assets. Originally searching for a secure investor portal, TCG soon realized that as business continued to grow it would also require asset management CRM.  Integrating Investor Portal Solutions with Asset Management CRMs For Your Business Similar to challenges faced […]

Investor Portal Solutions | Increase Adoption and Drive Success

Investor Portal Solutions Investor portal solutions can provide your business with various improvements, such as streamlined communication and increased investor engagement. The key to experiencing these improvements is to ensure portal adoption from your clients. How to Increase Adoption and Drive Success A secure investor portal can only provide your business with solutions if your […]

Satuit Technologies Partners with Versoft Consulting to Enhance CRM and Portfolio Accounting Integration

BRAINTREE, MA, October 12, 2021 – Satuit Technologies has partnered with Versoft Consulting to bring enhanced integration to the Satuit product suite and industry-leading portfolio accounting solutions. The partnership extends Satuit’s offerings to their asset management client base, aimed at increasing functionality and lowering costs by enabling integrated up-to-date client data. Satuit is leveraging the […]

Satuit Technologies Autumn ’21 Product Release

COMPANY NEWS UPDATE Satuit Technologies Autumn 21 Product Release Braintree, MA – September 28, 2021 – Satuit Technologies, a global leader in asset management CRM and Investor Portal software solutions, has released its Version 16.3 product upgrade to enhance efficiency and the overall user experience. This latest release improves user experience and efficiency with new features […]