How to Integrate Investor Portal and Asset Management CRMs: A Case Study on The Corundum Group

The Corundum Group (TCG) operates as a Registered Investment Advisor, responsible for over $1 billion in assets. Originally searching for a secure investor portal, TCG soon realized that as business continued to grow it would also require asset management CRM.  Integrating Investor Portal Solutions with Asset Management CRMs For Your Business Similar to challenges faced […]

Strategies for Successful CRM Implementation | Satuit

CRM Strategies for Success

While it may be tempting, delegating the responsibilities of CRM selection, implementation, and ongoing support to IT has its shortcomings. Technology is only one piece of the puzzle; Asset Management firms need a strategy that fully supports the initiatives of the sales, marketing, client retention, and management teams.

CRM Adoption: Why Isn’t Your Software Being Used?

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We speak with many investment professionals who share their frustrations with their current CRM solution. Often the incumbent is a big-name provider (hint: “the Force is with you”). They are frustrated because their CRM does not deliver the promised productivity.

eSecLending chooses SatuitCRM

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Braintree, MA – April 13, 2021 – Satuit Technologies, Inc., a global leader in asset management software solutions, is pleased to announce eSecLending, a market leader in securities lending, has chosen SatuitCRM for their firm’s customer relationship management needs. eSecLending has offices in Boston, London, and in the current environment, many employees working from home. The […]

Why Do CRM Projects Fail?

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Sadly, companies don’t learn from their mistakes. In 2014 Success Accelerators and C5 Insight found that over one-third of CRM projects were still failing and that some companies had experienced 2 or 3 successive failures. So, how do you avoid these failures?

Carderock Capital Management and Client Systems Integration

Carderock Migrates and Integrates Client Systems

Client Systems Integration: A Case Study on Carderock Capital Management Carderock Capital Management, a registered investment management firm, recently found the need to move their legacy CRM and report packaging products from separate vendors to a singular integrated approach. This case study delves into an approach to client systems integration. How to Integrate A Legacy […]

10 E-Marketing Tips for SatuitCRM

Top 10 E-Marketing Tips

Our Top 10 E-Marketing Tips Our industry-leading CRM email management software, SatuitCRM, can ensure that your business implements effective marketing campaigns. Learn about our top tips for e-marketing with our CRM solution. How SatuitCRM Improves Your Email Marketing Campaign Learn how to utilize useful features such as segmentation by contacts, entities, primary function, entity type, […]

Secure Data Exchange Service with SatuitSDXⓇ

SatuitSDX: Secure Data Exchange

Secure Data Exchange Services At Satuit we provide a host of application services including a secure investor portal (SatuitSIP), client report automation (SatuitCRA), CRM (SatuitCRM), and mobile CRM app (Satuit2GO). To ensure that these applications collaborate seamlessly, we additionally provide secure data exchange services with SatuitSDX.  Effective Internal Communication Effective internal communication across business platforms […]

A CRM Checklist for Success: Critical Factors | Satuit

10 Critical Factors of a Successful CRM Implementation

Our CRM Checklist for Success A CRM Checklist for success can ensure that you are deploying your CRM solutions effectively, receiving the full intended benefits. As providers of industry-leading CRM software solutions, we feel it is important to pair your CRM with steps that will give you the highest return on investment. 10 Rules of […]