Satuit Technologies Hackathon 2018

Satuit employees sitting in conference room

Braintree, MA – Sept 04, 2018 – The team at Satuit Technologies has recently completed our first Hackathon and have transformed great ideas into real assets.  Teams worked on a wide range of projects to enable new features and improve processes.

Employees presented their ideas at a planning meeting and everyone voted for the ideas they thought were the most compelling.  The top five ideas were cleared for the Hackathon and the team leaders sold their ideas to potential teammates.  The only rules were that teams needed to include employees from other departments and no one was allowed to sit at his/her normal desk.  A change of scenery for everyone was an interesting twist that everyone felt added to the fun.  These changes created a vibe and in most cases employees were working with other people they rarely worked with.

At the end of the Hackathon, the entire company assembled for the presentations.  The presentations include a large dose of good humor along with an intensity to win.  The results were so impressive that we opened up an additional voting category:  all of the above (which won the most votes followed by a new Gmail integration).

The projects are being fully implemented now and include exciting new features:   integration of the CRM with a business card scanner and integration of databases with Power BI.  We have also completed Gmail integration to allow users to bring in emails though their browser. Another team designed a chatbot for our client support page to make it even easier to find the documents and videos they are looking for.  Finally, a team consisting of IT and development redesigned upgrade processes for SatuitCRM and have greatly reduced the time and energy needed to accomplish the task.

Satuit’s first Hackathon was a great success and has provided amazing tools for our clients and us to use in the future.  We appreciate all who participated and look forward to seeing what everyone is getting ready for next year.