Satuit Technologies Releases Autumn 2020 Platform Upgrade

bird's eye view of man typing on mac with the word "Upgrade" overlaying the image

Braintree, MA – October 6, 2020 – Satuit Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the Autumn 2020 upgrade, which contains significant enhancements to our investor portal and CRM solutions. “Our experience as a leading CRM solution provider for asset management professionals makes us keenly aware of the user experience,” says Karen Maguire, the CEO, and Managing Director of Product Strategy. “Many new features in this release focused specifically on enhanced user experience.”

Our goal in this release for SatuitCRM® was to reduce clicks by streamlining a user’s routine activities with investors and prospects by providing more visual keys in the interface. Our “Click to Dial” feature allows a user to autodial a contact using any digital phone system, including their mobile phone, and creates an activity for that contact. The “Click to Mail” feature opens the user’s Outlook or Gmail email with the contact’s email address auto-filled. It then creates a CRM record of the email when the user sends the email (using the Send and Add button). Users can configure these features to any list containing contacts or to any contact form.

The investor portal continues to transition from an online document repository to an extension of our clients’ marketing. Our investment manager clients are looking for ways to gauge and analyze their investors’ engagement levels. Satuit’s Secure Investor Portal (SatuitSIP®) helps measure investor engagement with the new Portal Score function and Portal Activity Logs. Investment managers gain insight into which articles or fund material an investor opens, or which documents they download. The portal also allows an investor to manage their personal data and mailing preferences. Any changes made by the investor are seen immediately by the relationship manager, who also gets an email notification that the investor has changed their data.

The introduction of the Portal Score object automatically assigns a score for each action taken by an investor on the portal, such as logins, documents downloads, and uploads, and URLs clicked (similar to the tracking you will find in marketing automation tools). Additionally, the updated and reorganized Portal Audit Log highlights vital information and increases its clarity by providing easier access to the areas your investors are interacting with the portal.

“Satuit provides a Best of Breed CRM and investor portal that can be used as stand-alone solutions or combined for a true 360-degree view of your investors,” said Karen Maguire. “We will continue to respond to our user community to assure that our tools help them drive investor engagement.”


Satuit Technologies, Inc. is the premier provider of cloud-based and On-Premise CRM, reporting, and portal software solutions for asset management, hedge fund, wealth management, private equity, and real estate markets. Satuit has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom and serves clients in more than thirty-five countries. Satuit Technologies is certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

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