Webinar Recap: Using Marketing Automation to Raise AuM – Combining Marketing Automation and CRM

Remaining at the forefront demands leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance operations and drive expansion. Asset managers and financial advisors can significantly boost investor engagement and increase Assets under Management (AuM) by seamlessly integrating marketing automation with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Recently, industry leaders Paul Das, Founder of ProFundCom, and Jaime Plassmann, General Manager of Satuit Technologies, shared invaluable insights on this topic in a comprehensive webinar. This post recaps the key takeaways and explores how combining marketing automation and CRM can transform your asset management approach.

Satuit Technologies Overview and Highlights

Satuit Technologies Overview:

Satuit Technologies has established itself as a best-of-breed solution for asset managers since 2005. The company offers a robust CRM explicitly tailored for investment professionals, an investor portal to facilitate client engagement and tools for seamless client reporting collation.

Satuit Highlights:

  • 100% Buy-Side Asset Management: Satuit provides an out-of-the-box solution designed specifically for investment professionals, ensuring a perfect fit for buy-side asset management.
  • Purpose-Built CRM & Portal: Available as a hybrid cloud solution via Azure or through local installation, Satuit’s system is flexible and robust.
  • Easily Configurable System: With a focus on user-friendly configurations and integrations, Satuit eliminates the need for extensive programming or third-party implementation partners.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar

ProFundCom: Raising Assets with Digital Marketing

Paul Das emphasized the importance of digital marketing in boosting AuM. He shared strategies for leveraging digital channels to reach potential investors and nurture ongoing relationships. By utilizing marketing automation tools, asset managers can streamline their marketing efforts, ensuring consistent and personalized communication with investors.

Satuit Integration and Collaboration

Jaime Plassmann, with over 14 years of experience at Satuit, discussed the company’s focus on buy-side asset management and the seamless integration of its CRM with various tools and platforms. This includes email marketing systems, client reporting tools, and data warehouses. The partnership with ProFundCom further enhances Satuit’s CRM capabilities by adding advanced marketing automation functionalities.

The Go-To-Market Strategy

The integration of Satuit’s CRM with ProFundCom’s marketing automation platform provides a comprehensive solution for asset managers. This synergy enables a more efficient go-to-market strategy by automating repetitive tasks, optimizing marketing efforts, and providing deeper insights into investor behavior.

Pillars of Marketing Automation and CRM

The Value of Clean Data

A key pillar of successful marketing automation and CRM integration is maintaining clean and accurate data. An investor-centric CRM ensures a single source of truth, consolidating data from various tools to minimize effort and avoid missed opportunities. This includes:

  • Cultivating lists and distributing content based on demographics, product interests, and relationship status.
  • Analyzing and consolidating interactions to create new opportunities.
  • Performing data hygiene to remove duplicates, consolidate email addresses, and identify gaps in recipient lists.

Gaining a 360-degree View of Interactions

Modern asset management relies on having a comprehensive view of investor interactions across all touchpoints. This holistic view helps asset managers understand the investor journey, from awareness and consideration to decision, service, and loyalty. By targeting individual interests across digital and social media channels, asset managers can raise and preserve AuM while demonstrating the impact of their efforts.

Gauging Success by Measuring Outputs

Measuring the success of marketing automation and CRM initiatives is crucial. This involves delivering actionable insights and providing management with consolidated data dashboards within the CRM. Key capabilities and features include:

  • Interactive home pages for tracking sales funnel progress and engagement metrics.
  • Regular data evaluations to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Compliance tools to identify gaps in engagement and ensure regulatory adherence.
  • Automated interfaces for streamlined data collection and analysis.

Interactions and Engagement

Effective engagement is the cornerstone of successful asset management. Integrating marketing automation and CRM allows asset managers to transform engagement data into actionable insights. Third-party integrations with platforms like Zoom Video, ON24, Cvent, and BrightTALK enhance the depth of engagement and provide richer data for analysis. ProFundCom’s integration with Satuit’s CRM further amplifies these capabilities, offering a unified approach to managing and optimizing investor relationships.

Harness The Power of Marketing Automation and CRM

Integrating marketing automation and CRM isn’t merely advantageous; it’s essential for contemporary asset management. By leveraging the strengths of ProFundCom and Satuit Technologies, asset managers can enhance their marketing efforts, improve investor engagement, and ultimately raise AuM. The insights shared by Paul Das and Jaime Plassmann offer a clear roadmap for achieving these goals through the strategic use of technology.

Reach out to Satuit and ProFundCom today to elevate your asset management strategies with marketing automation and CRM. Connect with us now to discover how our holistic solutions can empower you to reach your AuM goals.