Satuit Technologies Announces Summer ‘17 Investor Portal Release

Braintree, MA – September 12, 2017- Satuit Technologies, Inc., a global leader in software solutions for the buy side investment professionals, is pleased to announce the rollout of their Summer ‘17 SatuitCRA Investor Portal software release.

The summer release includes significant enhancements to SatuitCRA branding functionality, allowing users to fully match the portal login screen to their corporate website without requiring any customization.   Images, fonts and color patterns can be managed via the portal administrator.    The landing page now also includes links to corporate privacy and legacy policy statements.

This release also includes increased security functions, including two-factor authentication and the ability to control the security questions and determine how many questions a user will need to answer.   Password retrieval and reset has also been greatly simplified and it is now easy to track whether a client has activated their account.   The portal administrator can pull up a list of accounts that have not been activated and send out a reminder email.

The new release also provides the ability to display dynamic data.   This is an optional feature that can be turned on or turned off for an individual recipient.     The dynamic data includes holdings and performance for each account as well as a summary of market values and performance across all accounts.

“We greatly appreciate the feedback we have gotten from our Investor Portal clients,” said Karen Maguire, CEO of Satuit Technologies. “Their collaboration with us on the features of this release was a key driver of many of the new enhancements.”

Media Contact-
Tegan Folsom