Satuit Blog: Q1 Latest Feature Releases

Satuit empowers financial professionals with comprehensive software to grow AUM and improve operations. Flexibility is critical, catering to diverse financial industry needs and enabling more intuitive system customization. Demonstrating our commitment to providing essential solutions, our recent releases, versions 17.2 and 17.3, are packed with tools to enhance user experience and security and streamline processes.

Release 17.2 Highlights

System Admin Enhancements

Version 17.2 brings forth a suite of enhancements targeted at system administrators, granting them increased control and visibility within the CRM system. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

Data-Driven Form Configurations

Satuit’s dynamic Data Driven Form Configurations optimizes the user experience and reduces the noise on the screen. Forms fields can be driven by a picklist value, displaying only the fields necessary for the selected value. For instance, the information captured for an investor prospect may be entirely different from the information needed for their advisor. Now admins can ensure the right behaviors and data collection protocols for every form type. 

Optimizing User Experience

This user-centric approach means that the CRM adapts to the users, not the other way around. For example, a financial advisor’s account view may look quite different from that of a portfolio manager, all to ensure that the data most relevant to their roles is prominently displayed.

Step-by-Step Guide

Our in-depth documentation will guide you through making the most of this feature, including real-life examples to illustrate how it can solve specific business challenges.

Field Management via Forms Configuration

Our simplified setup offers a seamless solution for effortlessly adjusting CRM forms. With the innovative Field Management via Forms Configuration feature, you can easily add, edit, and manage fields all within the main configuration menu, eliminating the need to navigate away. This enhanced accessibility ensures that administrators can efficiently access crucial field information directly within the configuration interface, streamlining the management process, and saving valuable time.

Additional Workflow Action Types

Our platform introduces an expanded array of automation capabilities. With the Additional Workflow Action Types toolkit, users can now trigger actions based on standard field updates, unlocking a realm of previously inaccessible customization and automation options. This enhancement significantly boosts productivity by allowing users to automatically tag various tasks in response to changes in the investor category, ensuring that follow-up actions are promptly and accurately assigned based on the latest data.

Release 17.3 Highlights

The Q1 highlight also marks the release of 17.3, with features set to improve user efficiency and strengthen mobile security. This includes: 

Browse List Preview Pane

A New Dimension to User Experience

Have you ever wished you could preview a record’s details without opening it? Your wish is our command. The Browse List Preview Pane feature allows you to view a record’s details—like notes, contacts, or opportunities—right from the list view without clicking on the record.

Enhance User Experience

With the improved user interface, your team can now navigate more efficiently, saving valuable time.

Customization Options

Tailor this preview pane to include the information most pertinent to your daily operations, ensuring you have everything you need at a glance without excess clicking.

Mobile Additional Authentication

We’re excited to announce the integration of additional authentication features for Satuit2GO. This update is a proactive step in extending organizational security standards to mobile access, ensuring comprehensive protection for sensitive data. Users now have the option to implement either 2-Factor Authentication or SAML Single Sign-On for enhanced security measures. Whether leveraging multiple verification methods with 2FA or adopting the seamless authentication process of SAML SSO, these options provide flexibility and robust protection, aligning with the evolving needs of modern security protocols.

Zapier Integration Beta Program

Exciting news awaits with the launch of our Zapier Integration Beta Program, introduced as part of our v17.2 release. This initiative opens doors to seamless integration possibilities, empowering users with enhanced automation and connectivity. Interested parties are encouraged to connect with a member of the Satuit Client Success team to explore participation opportunities in this program. Don’t miss out on the chance to be at the forefront of innovation and streamline your workflows with ease.

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The financial services landscape is constantly changing, with technology driving success. At Satuit, we value innovation for competitiveness. Our Q1 2024 releases are just the start. Explore, give feedback, and watch for updates. We’re here to support your tech-driven journey through finance markets. Contact us today for CRM solutions that elevate your business.