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Omission Criteria Form for Pension Directory Uploads

When performing a full update on your database from the pension directory provider there are a number of ways to protect your contact data, using the options below. Please select the omission criteria for your update. Data that meets any of these criteria will not be updated.

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Acceptance of Terms

Your Third Party data is imported “as is.” It is the responsibility of the data vendor to provide clean data. Satuit does not examine the data or fix errors in data provided by a vendor. Your vendor is responsible for the quality of your data. The import and update software that we provide matches up on record identifiers in the source data. We are aware of errors in the record identifiers provided by the vendor which will cause some duplicate records to be created. We do not know what percentage of the data contains these errors nor how many duplicates may be created due to these errors. This is most noticeable with Consultant data. An improperly linked consultant will end up as a duplicate contact record under the plan sponsor, instead of being linked to the plan sponsor. These errors must be fixed by the vendor. They are due to faulty data entry. Time and materials spent by Satuit to troubleshoot issues in data imports that are due to inconsistent data, duplicates or errors in the data will be billable to the Licensee. By completing and returning this form to Satuit, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above information regarding data quality
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