Satuit Technologies Executives at Carter Center Annual Retreat

Braintree, MA – June 26, 2017 – Satuit Technologies CEO Karen Maguire and CFO Steven Nothern joined President Carter, his family and former White House associates in Squaw Valley, CA for the Annual Carter Center meeting and fundraiser.  The event included speakers from the Carter Administration and Carter Center Directors leading the global democracy and health programs. This year’s event also included a 90th birthday celebration for former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter.   The Carter Center works on global health initiatives impacting the lives of people in the developing world, and to advance the cause of democracy by promoting democratic elections and observing the quality and legitimacy of the voting process.  Election observers have monitored over 100 elections in Africa, Asia, and Latin America since they began their work in 1989.

The Carter Center was one of the first organizations to adopt the cause of a free and fair vote in nascent democracies.  CFO Steven Nothern has observed 8 elections with The Carter Center since 2008 and looks forward to continued involvement in the years to come.  Most recently, he traveled to Myanmar to observe their historic 2015 democratic general election. “I have been involved with The Carter Center Democracy Program for over 10 years,” said CFO Steven Nothern. “I am honored to be able to be part of the invaluable work they do to promote democracy and a free and fair vote in the developing world.”

Karen Maguire said, “We are honored to be here with members of the Carter Administration and their family for this event to support The Carter Center’s democracy program initiatives.”

Learn more about The Carter Center and its ongoing global initiatives here.