Satuit & Dakota Partnership: Enhancing Investor CRM and Sales Opportunities

Satuit Technologies and Dakota, two leaders in investment management tools and insights, have recently announced an innovative new partnership. This collaboration enables a new integrated solution for sales teams targeting the investment community, providing a comprehensive approach to relationship management, sales opportunities, and investor insights. Satuit Technologies is well known within the investment sector for […]

Future Trends in Investor Relations: How CRMs Are Adapting to Change

Rapid advancements in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are setting the stage for a new paradigm in investor relations. These evolving technologies promise to enhance transparency, increase efficiency, and forge more robust, more personalized connections between investors and their clients. As more and more insights emerge, the adoption of industry-specific CRMs in IR could very […]

Satuit Technologies Now Integrates with Pipedream to Optimize CRM Functionality for Investment Professionals

This latest enhancement to the Satuit CRM platform enables greater integration capabilities and efficient data management. In a new development for buy-side investors, asset managers, private equity firms, and fundraising professionals, Satuit Technologies, a leader in CRM software tailored for the investment sector, has just announced a new integration with the renowned Pipedream platform. This […]

Satuit Announces New Integration with Renowned Automation Platform, Zapier

In a move designed to harness the power of automation and systems interoperability, Satuit now offers seamless integration with Zapier, a leading automation platform that connects to over 6,000 applications. This new integration option empowers Satuit users by providing them with the tools to create customized workflows without the need for additional coding or extensive […]

Why You Should Opt for an Industry-Specific CRM

CRMs are one of the fastest-growing platforms on the software market, with recent statistics showing a growth rate of 13.4% CAGR until 2032. This continuous growth underscores their role as vital tools for businesses, regardless of their industry or size. However, with so many generic CRMs available, it can be challenging to find one that […]

Satuit Blog: Q1 Latest Feature Releases

Satuit empowers financial professionals with comprehensive software to grow AUM and improve operations. Flexibility is critical, catering to diverse financial industry needs and enabling more intuitive system customization. Demonstrating our commitment to providing essential solutions, our recent releases, versions 17.2 and 17.3, are packed with tools to enhance user experience and security and streamline processes. […]

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation and Excellence: Satuit’s Milestone Anniversary

For three decades, Satuit has offered an indispensable CRM platform to over 750 asset managers, marking an era of unprecedented growth and commitment to excellence in the investment services industry. We proudly celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, a testament to our dedication and resilience in such a dynamic sector. A Legacy of Empowerment “It’s […]